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Introduction to Advanced English Course
The "Introduction to Advanced English Course" is an immersive 8-hour program designed to bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced English proficiency levels. Through a series of interactive lessons and activities, participants delve into advanced grammar structures, expand their vocabulary, and refine their communication skills. With a focus on real-life scenarios and practical language usage, this course empowers learners to confidently navigate complex conversations, academic texts, and professional environments in English. By the end of the intensive program, students emerge equipped with the linguistic tools and confidence to thrive in higher-level English contexts.


  • "Have": auxiliary or main verb?

  • Discourse markers: linkers

  • Pronouns

Practical English

  • Talking about work and family


  • Personality

  • Expressions with time

  • Money


  • Using a dictionary

  • The rhythm of spoken English

  • Linking in short phrases

  • US and UK accents

Teacher's Feedback


Anton, Teacher

Catarina has shown great dedication and enthusiasm in our English lessons, demonstrating a strong foundation and a keen desire to improve. To further enhance her skills, I would advise Catarina to seek additional practice opportunities outside of class. Whether through conversation practice with peers, language exchange programs, or online resources, consistent practice will undoubtedly accelerate her progress and confidence in English. 

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