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Introduction to Pre-Intermediate English 
The "Introduction to Pre-Intermediate English Course" is an intensive 8-hour program designed to lay a solid foundation for English language learners at the pre-intermediate level. Through engaging lessons and interactive exercises, participants acquire essential language skills, including basic grammar structures, vocabulary expansion, and fundamental communication strategies. This comprehensive course equips learners with the necessary tools to navigate everyday situations with confidence, such as introducing oneself, asking for directions, and making simple inquiries. By the end of the program, students emerge with a strengthened grasp of English fundamentals, poised to progress further in their language learning journey.


  • Word order in Questions

  • Present Simple,

  • Present Continuous,

  • Past Simple (regular and irregular verbs)

Practical English

  • Calling reception

  • At the restaurant


  • Common Verb Phrases

  • Describing people

  • Clothes

  • Prepositions of place

  • Holidays


  • The alphabet

  • Final -s and -es

  • "J" and "3i"

  • Regular verbs: -ed endings

Teacher's Feedback

Anton, Teacher


Despite our limited time together before her maternity leave, Catarina has left a lasting impression with her lively and engaging presence in our classroom. Her remarkable progress in mastering English within this short period speaks volumes about her dedication and inherent aptitude for language acquisition. With her dynamic personality and keen intellect, Catarina not only added vibrancy to our sessions but also cultivated an environment conducive to meaningful learning experiences. It is indeed a privilege to have instructed such a proactive and rapidly advancing student as Catarina, even within the constraints of her temporary absence.

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