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Introduction to Elementary English Course 
The "Introduction to Elementary English Course" is a condensed 10-hour program designed for absolute beginners in English language learning. Through a series of structured lessons and interactive activities, participants are introduced to fundamental English grammar, vocabulary, and basic communication skills. This comprehensive course aims to build a strong foundation for language acquisition, covering essential topics such as greetings, numbers, and everyday expressions. By the end of the program, students will have gained confidence in their ability to engage in simple conversations and navigate basic language tasks, setting the stage for further language development.


  • "To be"

  • Subject Pronouns

  • Possessive adjectives 

Practical English

  • Checking in 

  • In a hotel


  • Days of the week

  • Countries and Nationalities

  • Numbers 1-100

  • Classroom language


  • Vowel sounds

  • Word stress

  • Consonant sounds

  • [ʃ], [dʒ], [tʃ] and [ə]

  • The alphabet

  • Sentence stress

Teacher's Feedback


Eunice's vibrant energy enriches our English sessions, creating an enjoyable learning environment. Her enthusiasm for learning is contagious, and I've observed her progress with delight. I encourage Eunice to engage with English content outside of class to further enhance her skills. With her proactive attitude and dynamic personality, I'm confident Eunice will continue to excel in her language journey.

Anton, Teacher

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