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Intermediate English Course (Part 1)
This course is designed to be used flexibly according to the needs of each student. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation are recycled throughout the course. After every two Units, there is a two-page Revise & Check section.
On Online Practice, for each Unit, there are four Check your progress activities. For every two Units, the Workbook contains a Can you remember...? page, which provides a cumulative review of language covered in the Student’s Book.


  • Word order in Questions

  • Present Simple,

  • Present Continuous,

  • Past Simple (regular and irregular verbs)

  • Past Continuous

  • Time Sequences and connectors

  • "Be going to" (plans and predictions)

  • Present Continuous (future arrangements)

  • Defining relative clauses

  • Present Perfect + yet, just, already

  • Present Perfect and Past Simple difference

  • Something, anything, nothing, etc. 

Practical English

  • Calling reception

  • At the restaurant


  • Common Verb Phrases

  • Describing people

  • Clothes

  • Prepositions of place

  • Holidays

  • Prepositions of time (at, on, in)

  • Verb Phrases

  • Airport 

  • Verbs + prepositions

  • Paraphrasing

  • Housework

  • "Do" and "make" difference

  • Shopping

  • Adjectives ending -ed and -ing

  • Types of numbers

  • Describing a town or city

  • Health and the body


  • The alphabet

  • Final -s and -es

  • "J" and "3i"

  • Regular verbs: -ed endings

  • Weak forms: was, were

  • Word stress

  • The letter "g"

  • Linking 

  • Silent "e"

  • The letters "y" and "j"

  • "C" and "ch"

Teacher's Feedback


Teaching Filipe is always a joyous experience, as his enthusiasm and humor uplift our classroom atmosphere. Filipe exhibits a strong grasp of grammar, which enhances his language fluency. However, he occasionally faces limitations in vocabulary. Encouraging Filipe to engage more with English through watching movies or conversing with others in his daily life would undoubtedly accelerate his progress remarkably. I look forward to witnessing his continued growth as he explores more avenues for language immersion.

Anton, Teacher

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