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Advanced English Course (Part 1)
This course is designed to be used flexibly according to the needs of each student. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation are recycled throughout the course. After every two Units, there is a two-page Revise & Check section.
On Online Practice, for each Unit, there are four Check your progress activities. For every two Units, the Workbook contains a Can you remember...? page, which provides a cumulative review of language covered in the Student’s Book.


  • "Have": auxiliary or main verb?

  • Discourse markers: linkers

  • Pronouns

  • The Past: habitual events and specific incidents

  • The verb "get" and its usage

  • Discourse markers: adverbs and adverbial expressions

  • Speculation and deduction 

  • Adding emphasis: inversion

  • Distancing 

  • Unreal uses of Past tenses

Practical English

  • Talking about work and family

  • Talking about history

  • Talking about stress and relaxation


  • Personality

  • Work

  • Learning languages

  • Word-building: abstract nouns

  • Phrases with "get"

  • Conflict and warfare

  • ​Sounds and the human voice

  • Describing books and films

  • Expressions with time

  • Money


  • Using a dictionary

  • The rhythm of spoken English

  • Sound-spelling relationships 

  • Understanding accents

  • Word stress with suffixes

  • Words and phrases of French origin

  • Stress in word families

  • Consonant clusters

  • Sounds and spelling

  • Linking in short phrases

  • US and UK accents

Teacher's Feedback


Anton, Teacher

Vanessa brings a delightful blend of conscientiousness and playfulness to our classroom, making learning an absolute joy. Her dedication to her studies is matched only by her infectious sense of fun, which never fails to brighten our lessons. It's like having a ray of sunshine in the room! Vanessa's positive energy and commitment to learning are simply adorable, and I'm excited to see her continue to blossom in her language journey.

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