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Feb 20, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023

📚 Fremantle Group 3

  • 315Days
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Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation are recycled throughout the course. After every two Files there is a two-page Revise & Check section. The left-hand page revises the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of each File. The right-hand page provides a series of skills-based challenges, including street interviews, and helps to measure their progress in terms of competence. This course is designed to be used flexibly according to your needs. On Online Practice, for each File, there are three Check your progress activities. The first is a multiple choice activityto test on the Grammar and Vocabulary from the File. The second is a dictation related to the topic and the language of the File to practice the new language in context. Finally, there is a Challenge activity, which involves a mini-research project based on a topic from the File. For every two Files, the Workbook contains a Can you remember...? page, which provides a cumulative review of language we will have covered in the Student’s Book.


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