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Intermediate English Course (Part 2)
This course is designed to be used flexibly according to the needs of each student. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation are recycled throughout the course. After every two Units, there is a two-page Revise & Check section.
On Online Practice, for each Unit, there are four Check your progress activities. For every two Units, the Workbook contains a Can you remember...? page, which provides a cumulative review of language covered in the Student’s Book.


  • Obligation and prohibition: must, have to, should

  • Ability and possibility: can, could, be able to

  • Past Tenses: Simple, Continuous, Perfect

  • Past and Present habits and states

  • Passive (all tenses) 

  • Modals of deduction: might, can't, must

  • First Conditional

  • Second Conditional

  • Choosing between gerunds and infinitives

  • Reported Speech 

  • Third Conditional

  • Quantifiers

Practical English

  • Permission and requests

  • Making suggestions

  • Indirect questions


  • Phone language

  • -ed, -ing adjectives

  • Sport

  • Relationships

  • Cinema

  • The body

  • Education

  • Houses

  • Work

  • Shopping

  • Making nouns from verbs

  • Making adjectives and adverbs

  • Electronic devices


  • Silent consonants

  • Sentence stress

  • The letter "s", used to

  • Regular and irregular Past Participles

  • Diphthongs

  • The letter "u"

  • The letter "c"

  • Word stress

  • THe letters "ai"

  • Sentence rhythm

  • Weak pronunciation of "have"

  • Linking, tough and augh

Teacher's Feedback


Ana holds a special place as my inaugural student within this company, and it has been a pleasure to witness her remarkable progress. With dedication and diligence, she has attained an exemplary level of proficiency, speaking English with remarkable fluency and precision. Ana's achievement stands as a testament to her commitment to learning, and it has been a joy to guide her on this language journey.

Anton, Teacher

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