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Intermediate English Course (Part 1)
This course is designed to be used flexibly according to the needs of each student. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation are recycled throughout the course. After every two Units, there is a two-page Revise & Check section.
On Online Practice, for each Unit, there are four Check your progress activities. For every two Units, the Workbook contains a Can you remember...? page, which provides a cumulative review of language covered in the Student’s Book.


  • Present Simple,

  • Present Continuous,

  • Action, non-action verbs,

  • Future Forms: present continuous, be going to, will/won't,

  • Past Simple,

  • Present Perfect + (for / since),

  • Present Perfect Continuous,

  • Comparatives and Superlatives,

  • Articles: a/an, the, no article.

Practical English

  • Reacting to what people say, 

  • Giving opinions.


  • Food and Cooking,

  • Family,

  • Adjectives of Personality,

  • Money,

  • Strong adjectives: exhausted, amazed etc., 

  • Transport,

  • Collocation: verbs / adjectives + prepositions,

  • Dependent prepositions.


  • Short and long vowel sounds,

  • Word stress,

  • O and or,

  • Sentence stress,

  • [ʃ], [dʒ], and [tʃ] linking,

  • [ə], two pronunciations of the.

Teacher's Feedback


Ines brings a delightful blend of curiosity, humor, and a natural flair for language to our classroom environment. Her vibrant personality enriches our discussions and fosters a dynamic learning atmosphere. Notably, Ines demonstrates remarkable proficiency in pronunciation and vocabulary, showcasing a keen ear for linguistic nuances and a rich lexicon. It's a pleasure to have her in class, and I anticipate continued growth and engagement in her language journey.

Anton, Teacher

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